What do YOU want out of your college tour experience?

All Tours Include:

• Private workshops led by Admission Officers, faculty and current students at each institution that will help you understand how each school is unique and supports women from all backgrounds.

• Nightly guided discussions and writing reflections on college visits with your tour leaders.

• Cultural excursions to explore what the U.S. offers to supplement your college experience.

• Sessions on college admissions, essay writing, and college interviews that will demystify the entire application process and give you the tools you need to succeed.

• A panel featuring women leaders in relevant industries to discuss their path, and offer advice to students while building a supportive, global network of women.


We have both Northeast & West Coast tours built around the following themes:


Young Women’s Leadership 

Our flagship tour! We focus on what it means to be a leader in the 21st century, in whatever field(s) currently interest you.



Our STEMinism tour connects young women with opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math. (Only 6.7% of women graduate with STEM degrees, and women currently hold less than 25% of STEM jobs!)


Women in Business 

Who runs the world? YOU! This tour is for women who want to pursue business at the undergraduate level.

Visual, Dramatic & Performing Arts 

How does a degree visual art, film or theater translate after graduation? From portfolios to auditions, this tour will address your needs specifically (and include plenty of performances and gallery visits!)


21st Century Careers 

The world is changing fast! This tour will combine a classic college tour with an emphasis on majors, minors, and programs that have emerged within the last decade.

Global Girls 

Our namesake tour tour is perfect students interested in cross cultural communication, international relations, and political science. There will be no national majority on this tour, so if you’re excited by the idea of befriending girls from many different countries, this is the tour for you!


Custom College Tours

We’re happy to combine different elements of our tours to create the perfect itinerary and experience for your family, student group or high school.


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